In this video, I am, in love and fun, blaming other people for MY purchases! You have to blame someone else right?

I have temporarily fallen off the PJ Rehab wagon and onto the Oyin Handmade product line. I’m blaming Splinta24. She was recently talking about their Burnt Sugar Pomade. I went to http://www.oyinhandmade and could not believe how reasonably priced the products were! I didn’t want to chance it and buy trial sizes because I felt like I would love them. Good decision! That Burnt Sugar Pomade smells delicious! I also purchased the “Greg Juice”, “Juices & Berries” spray and the Honey Hemp conditioner. A video will be forthcoming after I’ve used them on freshly washed hair but out the gate, the Burnt Sugar Pomade is already doing its thing: making my hair moisturized. Another thing: I ordered on Saturday and the products arrived the following Wednesday! That’s impressive!

I’m also blaming the recent series of Memphis storms for my missing work today. Don’t get me wrong, a day of shooting hooky is great. But as we wind down this school year, I am uber busy and need to sleep at the school, let alone miss a day. But as I was leaving this morning, the garage door would not go up. The Spring Coil was broken. $%@! I was torn between just renting a car for the rest of the week or paying for the repairs. I needed to get to work more than I needed to repair my door. I finally called Precision Door Services and they came out within 3 hours!

I’m also blaming 11zeaky for “inspiring” me to purchase more nail polishes! Walgreens had Sinful Color for 99 cents this week! Stand back! But I didn’t do too badly.