Three days after Christmas, I ventured into stores from Jackson, Mississippi to Memphis, Tennessee searching for Christmas ornaments. I found ornaments and more home decor items on sale! Yay!

My after Christmas shopping would be deliberate. I did NOT want to harvest a bunch of random items solely because they were on sale. My list was simple: buy Christmas ornaments! I wanted them because during my 12 DIYs of Christmas series, I created a Christmas Ornament Wreath that turned out really nice and I wanted to create more.



While home for Christmas, I took advantage of sales in Jackson, Mississippi. Target was the store of choice. While there, I purchased a few items including Ziploc storage containers and diamond shaped mini Christmas ornaments.


By the time I arrived back in Memphis three days after Christmas, temperatures were below freezing but was pumped to hit my local stores in search of Christmas ornaments. First on my list was Walmart!

Walmart did not disappoint. Their Christmas decor was discounted 50%.  I was able to score the purple and gold ornaments and the purple velvet tree skirt I had seen at the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. I also purchased a 2 tubes of 50 count pink and gold ornaments. The pink and gold color combination was really eye catching.

My Alma Mater’s school colors are purple and gold and finding ornaments to match was very exciting. I am already planning for purple and gold decor in my very near future so these ornaments were a great find.


Shopping at Hobby Lobby is always an awesome experience. Their after Christmas sales discount was 66% off the retail price. Surprisingly, I did not find any ornaments that fit my list. I did purchase a couple candy molds, some fabric (not Christmas themed) and some beautiful heart chain trim. This is often used in wedding gowns and other festive occasions. It is sold by the bolt and retails for $11.99 per yard with 10 yards per bolt. Doing the math, this bolt retails for $119.80. I scored it for $23.88 or $2.38 per yard.

Also in the regular Hobby Lobby clearance area, I found 2 Simplicity Pattern Books on sale for $4 each. These are the books where one browses the photos looking for inspiration for their next sewing project.


Michaels Christmas decor was priced at 70% off. I visited 2 Michaels looking for ornaments.  The first store did not have the color scheme I was looking for so I did not purchase any ornaments. I found some beautiful tin Angel Wings that I will hang on the wall.

My second Michaels stop was more ornament fruitful. I purchased several tubes of 50 count ornaments. The color scheme is a mixture of purple, gold and bronze.  Next time I visit, if there are traditional colors in stock, I will pick up a few just in case I feel like changing up my Christmas decor.


Big Lots had their Christmas decor on clearance for 50% off. There was not much I had on my list to find at Big Lots because I had purchased everything I needed BEFORE Christmas because their SHIMMER COLLECTION was E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G I wanted for my Christmas decor! The only holiday items I purchased was another pair of red gift bow earrings. I had purchased a pair earlier in the season but somehow, I managed to lose one. Bummer.

Purchasing 3 boxes of  International Delight coffee creamer 24 count singles should keep me stocked for a while because I am always running out of creamer. I am looking forward to trying the singles. My flavors: Caramel Macchiato, Coldstone Sweet Cream and French Vanilla.

I am almost certain that I had purchased a 2018 calendar earlier but I didn’t want to take a chance and not have one when the new year rolls in.


Walking into Home Goods, my intentions are to only scan a few aisles to get my home decor fix and leave.  I am so convinced that I will stick to the plan that I don’t even grab a shopping cart. It only takes a couple turns down an aisle or two to turn me into a full fledged liar who is doubling back to the front of the store to grab a shopping cart. To appease myself, I get the smaller cart. Why?!!

This trip was no different. I was doubling back to get a shopping cart before I even got to the 50% off Christmas decor. It was the beautiful crystal cake plates on Lazy Susans that did it. Treating myself for Christmas, I purchased 5.

Sticking to my original shopping list, I purchased 1 tub of silver Christmas ornaments. For some reason, I was already thinking they were too pretty to glue on a wreath form. Maybe it’s the beautiful textures on the ornaments but I highly doubt they will be used to create an ornament wreath.