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Hey YouTube! It’s me The Creative Lady!

I’m still on the Scandalous Beauty inspired 30 Day Video Challenge. This is video #10!

This week, I uploaded 3 YouTube Tips videos. I was actually planning to save them for weekly installments but since I’m still on the Scandalous Beauty 30 Day Video Challenge, I decided to upload the videos early, as a series. The response was so great that I did not want to keep you waiting for the information.

Many of you told me how much you appreciated my videos and how they were helpful to you. That really makes my day.

This is video is dedicated to someone else who makes my day. Lisa from 2createawebsite.com. She is in my other channels box as napturallycurly. Before I knew her as napturallycurly, she was Lisa3876.


Many of you commented that you enjoyed the videos but you don’t have aspirations to become a YouTube partner. Neither did I until I stumbled upon Lisa’s YouTube channel and she was her talking about Google Adsense earnings.


What is AdSense?
“AdSense is an advertising program operated by Google. Web site owners can the program to enable text and image advertisements on their sites. These ads are administered by Google and generate revenue on a per-click basis. Google utilizes its search technology to serve ads based on website content, the user’s geographical location, and other factors. Those wanting to advertise with Google’s targeted ad system may sign up through AdWords.”

To be honest, I did not know who or what Google Adsense was. I subscribed to her channel and was amazed and thankful for the information that she freely shared. You know how some people are; they won’t share the good tips and real how-to with you because they fear you might advance ahead of them. (((Like crabs in a bucket.))) Well Lisa is not a crab in a bucket. She really shares good information on her channel on how to earn money online.

website http://www.2createawebsite.com,
blog http://blog.2createawebsite.com
forum, http://www.websitebabble.com/

She was the inspiration for me to open my eyes and to take advantage of legitimate opportunities that are available. The first time that I deposited a Google Adsense check, I knew it was because of the knowledge and education that I gained from her.

She has that Oprah Effect. She is very positive and inspirational and brings out your best.

She is like a navigational system. If you don’t know where you’re trying to go, she can help you get there. Even if you already know the way to your destination, she is there to remind you that you are on the right path or how to avoid delays.

She does not teach you to imitate her but to be an original and to find your own path to what you’re good at and make it work for you to earn money online.

Making this video was very important to me as I’m sure many of us knew people in our community or had teachers in school or college who made a difference in our lives that perhaps, we never took the opportunity to say thank you.

I’m still a WORK IN PROGRESS but this video is my thank you to Lisa3876 from 2createawebsite.com for sharing her knowledge.

Thank you Lisa!