WARNING: My final look was destroyed because as I was styling and separating my hair, I used my Garnier Fructis leave-in on it and it reverted! Ughhh! Totally destroyed. Oh well.
Using the Curlformers! The process is long and tedious and difficult to film. The installation process is really a monotonous activity that is best done in a comfortable position and not while trying to record yourself. But, I am giving it my best effort.

I used the Ion Leave in and The Argan oil as styling agents. I wished I had used a mousse or something with some hold because my hair, even when relaxed, was very fine and wouldn’t hold curls for long.

Overall, the Curlformers do exactly as they intend: conform curls to their shape without requiring heat. They work. I’m just NOT a fan of the super curly look anymore. Never have been. But I will definitely use them again for curly up-do bangs or for heatless stretching in preparation for flat ironing or even stretched twists.