I was watching Chescalocs’ channel and she shared a DIY (Do It Yourself) Afro Jewelry Bust. It was so cute that I had to create my own to jazz up the headless jewelry bust in my craft room.

Chescalocs cut hers out by hand. LOL but I ain’t got that kind of time! I used my Cricut machine to get the job done faster.

Design (Link shared in Chescalocs’ video)
Cricut Machine 24 inches wide (Purchased at Amazon)
Scrapbooking Paper – cardstock type (available at any craft store)
Craft Glue Spray Adhesive
Duct/Duck Tape
Jewelry Bust — available at most craft stores and even Walmart’s craft section
Scarf – Created by TheGPMDesigns

After cutting out the design, I glued the cut out to a second cut out to make it more sturdy. I tried pinning the design to the bust but it was staying. Checalocs stapled hers but I did not want to risk tearing the paper so I had to resort to Plan B: Good old Duck tape or duct tape, however you choose to pronounce the tape that every man and woman MUST have on hand. (The very time I said I don’t need any duct tape, I needed some as soon as I got home from the store.) So yeah, it’s a must have for me now and especially since it comes in so many different colors!

Once I got the design taped to the jewelry bust, I added the scarf that I won in a contest hosted by GPMDesigns! Voila!

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