I let my brows get full so that I could get a good waxing. I have always gotten them done at Walmart unless I decided to hack them with a razor. Hubby did not want me to hack them off and be jacked up for the holiday season. My battery went down before I could capture the entire process but you get the picture. It really doesn’t hurt. I just want Tequila! I will never try threading! Just get it over with for me!

My original FTC Disclaimer Statement:
I do not work for Walmart but I do shop there and pay to receive their salon services. Therefore, I am not compensated by Walmart.However, if I ever become a YouTube partner or make any money if you click on affiliate ads on my blogs. . . WooHoo!!! I hope to make some money doing what I love! I would love to become the new Oprah: recommending products that I use and love (or sometimes not so much) but unlike Lady Oprah, I have always had to pay for my products. I’ve got the Amazon receipts to prove it! LOL!


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