Mark Montano inspired reclaimed furniture DIY – The Creative Lady®

March is National Craft Month! I was inspired by Mark Montano’s video Easy No-Sew Ottoman  to reclaim furniture and create a DIY. As usual, Mark inspires me to go into my donation pile to reclaim yet another item. This time, it’s a 3 legged circular table with a particle board and glass top. For years, it was covered in a sunflower throw and held a large, indoor flower pot. The glass was water-stained from years of water overflow.

Mark’s video is a true DIY as he to use a little elbow grease. Although Mark uses a kit, he still has some work to do: drilling holes for the required hardware and gluing the cushion. I will be revamping a reclaimed table with preexisting legs so I won’t have to do any drilling. The only cutting I will do will be reserved for any fabrics that I choose to incorporate. My DIY will also not include a cushion because I want to use the finished product in product photography for future videos and want to keep the glass top.

After seeing Mark’s DIY makeover, creative juices started to flow and I wanted to reclaim the table. My kitchen is yellow and I had purchased two MOLTE desk chairs from IKEA. I am going to to pair the former flower pot holder with the two MOLTE chair for a new seating area in the living room.

Next week’s DIY will be a tutorial of how I makeover the 3 legged chair. Honestly, I am still not sure how I want the final treatment to look but by filming time, I’d better have some options right?

Below are some photos of how the table looks now.

The Original Table
The Legs
Water Stained Glass Top
Leg hardware already attached.
Styled With IKEA’S MOLTE chairs.


Stay tuned!