After a recent video glimpse into my stash, I decided to alphabetize some of my products in this revealing video: The ABCs of my Product Junkism.

Although I AM a librarian, I am NOT so uptight that I have categorized and alphabetized my products by title or brand. It was only done for this video. By no means is this my entire collection. No way. And unfortunately, I purchased everything pictured. Though I am a Product Junkie, I have some pretty good stuff in my stash.

My Mom saw my collection and thinks I should have hair down to the ground. I told her that I do but thanks to Shrinkage, you can’t see it. LOL.

If I had to grab my bags in a hurry and could only carry one product, I do have a favorite. I also have a least favorite too. Ugh! Before you ask, I really don’t want PJ Rehab. 🙂