Finally, this is the first part of my Natural Hair Journey series that I mentioned in December 2010.

Everyone has a story to tell right? This is mine! The photos in this slideshow gives you more insight about me and my Natural Hair Journey.

You may not know that I went natural accidentally after a bad braid take-down in 2004. I was NOT ready and ended up relaxing again. Even before that, in 1985, I chopped off my relaxed hair to get, of all things, the 80s must have Jherri Curl!

I realized that I DID enjoy my natural hair and wanted to experience it again, on my own terms. I made the decision to transition to my natural, afro textured hair, in August 2006. I did not tell a soul. I knew there would be too many questions; too many people trying to talk me out of it. I transitioned with various braids and twists. Finally, when school was out for the summer of 2007, after being a YouTuber for just 6 days, I was inspired to take down the final set of braids, and BIG CHOP. It was more like a Big Snip because it HAD been 8 months and I’d been trimming my hair in between each braid/twist installation.

It was total bliss!

I went home a few weeks later for the family reunion. I asked my cousin, the family barber, to give me a “shape up”. Never mind that he only cut men’s hair! I ended up getting The Real Big Chop! It was at that moment, that I realized: It’s Only Hair!