This video is a fun challenge I accepted from whoissugar and 19gail88. It’s 8 minutes and 14 seconds of sheer fun and randomness. I really had fun digging up these things to add to the video. i also realize that I am very much a foodie.

1. Book — 1100 Words You Need To Know

2. Movie — Man From Elysian Fields

3. Movie — Mahogany

4. Movie — love jones

5. Movie — Soul Plane

6. Movie — Pootie Tang (I love this movie. Please don’t leave me Pootie!”

7. Camera — Nikon 3100 (Oprah’s Favorite Things & Mine too.)

8. Breathe Right Strips (My husband snores like a hibernating bear!)

9. Sennheiser Headphones (Did I tell you that husband snores like a bear? I can’t watch YouTube videos without these.)

10. Mott’s Natural Apple Juice (I do NOT like regular apple juice. I stumbled upon this and let me tell you, this is the best juice ever!)

11. Duck Tape ( A must have for every household. Why not be colorful?)

12. MacBook Pro — named “McNair” after fellow Alcorn State Alum Steve McNair (Amazon Affiliate store)

13. Amazon Kindle — 142 items (I’m a librarian and love to read!)

14. Memphis Piggy Bank – $0

15. (See the last photo)

16. Raku Natural Hair Statue by Memphis Artist Lester Jones

17. Febreze Brazilain Carnaval (refreshing)

18. Wrigley’s Extra Dessert Delights Sugar-free Gum — Key Lime Pie (It tastes exactly like Key Lime pie. Chew but do not swallow this gum.)

19. Tissue – My Strange Addiction — NOT! (Who eats bathroom tissue? Ugh!)

20. Candy – Pink Cotton (Now that is something I can eat.)

21. Candy — Turtles (The best of the drugstore candies.)

22. Green Screen (A must have for making “fancy” videos.

23. Cabbage (Part of my New Year’s Day Southern meal.)

24. Blackeye peas (Part of my New Year’s Day Southern meal.)

25. Rice (Part of my New Year’s Day Southern meal to make “Hoppin’ Johns.)