Look how far technology has come! Pictured below are all the things the smart phone replaced. Looks like there is a Two Way Pager, a camcorder, a computer, a bulky cell phone, a Polaroid camera, a WalkMan cassette player, a watch and a pager! Wow!

In 1999, I was working for a company whose big business was the Two Way Pager. Boys and girls, before you could send “personal” messages via a smart phone,  I spent many an evening typing all kinds of text messages to the owners of 2 Way Pagers. My, my, my the stories I could tell. Monday nights were usually work related messages or the occasional wife calling to ask hubby to bring a gallon of milk home or some diapers for the baby. But by Thursday night, the conversations were picking up and by Friday night, there was a party going on for sure!

Here’s how it worked. Essentially, I was the middle woman for the owners of 2 Way Pagers. Technology had not advanced to the general population to allow people to text each other directly.  Instead, the 2 Way Pager owner received messages that had been dictated from a live person and I sent it to the 2 Way Pager owner’s device. Technology has certainly come a long way.

These days, the smart phone not only serves as a cellular phone but in many homes, it has replaced the land line phone. Whether Apple or Android, cellular phone today play music  records HD video, shoots decent photographs and is the alarm clock for many people. I am excited and a bit nervous about the next 10 years.