Don’t let the Christian Louboutins distract you: I am a Southern Girl Through & Through. I am a history buff who loves visiting the Vicksburg Military Park. I love taking the less traveled path. I grew up eating food from my Big Mama’s garden. I was green and organic before it was popular. It was a part of living in the country.

Don’t misunderstand being country for being illiterate or ignorant. I’m far from it. My family places a high value on education. I’ve gotten my share and the transcripts to prove it.

Every year, my family has a traditional meal that consists of black eye peas, pork hocks, cabbage, rice, sausage and cornbread.

In this video, I share my food preparation for 2012. I’ve gotta admit, dinner was later than usual because it is hard to film and cook in a timely fashion.

The Presto pressure cooker is my secret weapon to get meals cooked in a flash.

I am an excellent cake baker but me and cornbread don’t get along! I always manage to mess it up! And today’s meal was no exception! Darn it!

The Menu

SOUTHERN STYLE MEAL – suitable for Traditional New Year’s Day “Good Luck” meal.
Black Eyed Peas
Smoked Ham Hocks
Smoked Sausage