Welcome To 2018! Let’s Do This! Introducing Sandra!

Welcome to 2018! We made it! In today’s video, I am introducing my channel to those of you who are new to my channel. Long before 2018 rolled in, my social media thread was filled with people complaining about people who will share their “New Year-New You” posts. Personally, I don’t have a problem with these posts. People are entitled to their opinions but everyday is a new day to begin anew. Whether it’s January 1 or August 1, every day that we are alive is a day to make attempts to “Get It Right!”.

While I am a bit chatty in this video, this channel is dedicated to my love of DIY and home decor. When I find home decor deals, I will definitely share my haul videos so you too can see what’s in stores and become inspired to decorate your living space.

It’s 2018 and yes, my Christmas decorations are still up! Blame being on vacation. Blame visiting my family out of town. Or maybe I just love my Christmas decorations. The truth is somewhere in the midst of all of the previous statements. Nonetheless, it has to be done or this house will become The 365 Christmas House. Hmmmm. . . not a bad idea!

I will concede to putting away the Christmas decor but one item will remain up – the Merry Dress Form from Big Lots. I decided to keep her up and name her “Sandra” in honor of my co-worker and friend who passed away this year.

I am taking a break from posting but will return soon. During the Christmas holidays, I challenged myself to create 12 new Christmas DIY videos. I made 11 – barely! My videos were NOT pre-recorded and scheduled. Nope. I filmed and edited each video EVERYDAY! I do not recommend this process.
In the meantime, I use this time to pack away my Christmas decorations. Get some rest and brainstorm ideas for new videos!
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