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This video addresses many of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that I have received regarding YouTube Partnership. In the spirit of sharing information, I respond in this video. I am a librarian not an attorney. These are MY experiences with the YouTube Partnership Program.

There are 2 types of YouTube Partnerships.

1. Individual Video Partnership (IVP) — You must receive an invitation from YouTube. There is no application process for IVP. Vloggers can earn revenue from one or more of their videos. This does NOT count as full partnership and revenue sharing is the only privilege.

2. Full YouTube Partnership — Vloggers can apply for partnership when they have achieved an adequate number of subscribers, channel views and video views. There is no magic formula but many suggest 500 – 1000 subscribers, 100,000 video views and at least 10,000 channel views.

Both partnership types require vloggers to prove they own the rights to all the content of their videos: music, images, backgrounds, etc. Otherwise, videos may not be eligible to earn revenue.

If you have copyrighted content in your videos. You have some options:

1. Take the video down.
2. Make the video private.
3. Re-load the video.
When you re-load the video, you DO lose all of the video statistics, comments and ratings. Bummer.

YouTube offers the Audio Swap option. This keeps your video legal but you will not be able to earn revenue because the owner of the song retains all rights to their song(s). This explains why some videos have advertisements running beside them but the video maker has not earned revenue.

My preference is using Royalty Free Music. This is music created by artists who allow others to use their music after purchase but does not require repeated compensation, i.e. royalties.

Take a look at your channel and make the necessary changes before you apply for partnerships.

You also must have a Google Adsense account.

Ready? Apply for partnership here: http://www.youtube.com/partners

Good Luck!