Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday has never been easier! Watch how I prepare #tacos in a flash using a mixture of fresh ingredients and Raw Spice Bar seasonings. Watch the video to see me share “spice up” my tacos using taco seasonings and fajita seasonings from Raw Spice Bar. I have cooked with Raw Spice Bar seasonings for years.

taco tuesday

Getting tacos on the table is quick and easy. In addition to using traditional taco seasonings, I add convenience ingredients such as chili paste and salsa. Rather than spending time chopping lettuce, I prefer to use a pre-cut lettuce mix: Maple Bourbon Bacon Chopped Kit. But you can use whatever salad that you like.

The spices available from Raw Spice Bar are organic and the quality is excellent. While their packaging is sleek and simple, the spices are premium at a budget friendly cost.

Over 200 spices are available to choose from. Sampling various spices from all over the globe ensures that my taste buds never get bored. In addition to spice variety at Raw Spice Bar, there are superfoods, supplements and teas. My first introduction to Raw Spice Bar was a gifted subscription. Give the service a try. And if you’re a Rakuten member, Raw Spice Bar is part of their Cash Back program. Happy Taco-ing!

This video was a collaboration with Raw Spice Bar. The enclosed link is a Raw Spice Bar partner link.